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Water is essential to life. The adult human body is about 75% water, with up to 85% of brain cells liquid; even teeth are 10% moisture. The body needs a constant supply of clean water to remain healthy. Around 71% of the planet is covered in H2O, but 97,5% of it is salt water and of the remaining 2,5% some 70% is frozen in the polar icecaps. With around 30% of the remaining fresh water present as soil moisture or in underground aquifers, less than 1% is accessible for direct human use. 
As the world marked International Water Day last week, experts meeting at the World Water Forum in the Hague estimated that 1 billion people worldwide lack clean drinking water and around 3 billion do not have adequate sanitation

11,000 sq. km: Area of a 295 km by 37 km iceberg that last week broke away from the Antarctic's Ross Ice Shelf
34: Journalists killed around the world in the course of their work last year; 10 of them in Sierra Leone, where rebel forces targeted reporters.
15,973: Americans who died of drug - induced causes in 1997. The reported total comes as prices of heroin and cocaine are lower than ever.
10,000: Aquatic species that are moving around the world in ships' ballast at any time.
900: Wild cats to be culled on Asencion Island to protect populations of sooty terns and other rare birds. The island's 300 domestic cats are safe for now.
152 m: Height of statue of Buddha to be constructed from 3,000 1.67 sq. m bronze panels, each weighing. 45 tons, for a temple in Bodh Gaya, India.
$6 billion: Personal wealth lost by Michael Saylor in one day as the value of shares in his company, MicroStrategy Inc., plummeted.
66: Satellites, worth $5 billion, which may be allowed to fall to earth unless bought from the bankrupt communications company, Iridium.
2 million: People who cross international borders every day

                                                                        Time, April 3, 2000


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